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Welcome to the CSB/SJU Provost’s Blog.

I am the provost for the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. Prior to being an academic administrator, I was a faculty member for 22 years. I have a passion for teaching and for having conversations about ideas.

I am often asked, what does a provost do? The simple answer is that the provost is the chief academic officer, overseeing the curriculum, student learning and academic success, academic departments and offices, faculty, academic staff, and the academic budget.

Basically, the provost is charged with administering all things academic. It is an important and complex role. Serving in this role is an honor and can be a challenge.

Once people have a general understanding of the position, other questions follow about the position, higher education, CSB/SJU, challenges, being provost for two colleges, and so forth.

I enjoy talking about these issues, because it is the same as having conversations that I love to have as a teacher. As provost, I still think of myself as a teacher. These many questions and conversations are the genesis for this blog.

In this blog I will discuss topics that I am hearing about and discussing through my many daily interactions. I want to hear from you about the issues addressed in the blog and those you would like me to address.

I look forward to sharing with you trends in higher education and things that are happening at CSB/SJU.