3 more inches of snow, trails groomed Monday

Saint John’s received about three inches of snow on Sunday. The groomer got out on the trails Monday. The additional snow is great for the trails, but unfortunately not enough for us to host a viable ski race so the Langlauf has been canceled for this Sunday, Jan 21.

Enjoy the snow that’s out there and hope for more to come!

  • Classic tracks are set on the Old Entrance Road and the radio tower practice loop.
  • The Pine Knob and Stonegate loops have been rolled. The report from Stonegate is “good” in some places, still “rock ski” conditions in others with leaves/branches poking through.


Limited “Good” Skiing at Saint John’s

The groomer has been working today after yesterday’s snowfall. Yes, it was less than we would have hoped for, but the Old Entrance Road and the radio tower practice loop are in “good” condition for skating (no classic tracks have been set).

The Pine Knob and Stonegate Trails are being packed as well; file under “rock ski” conditions.

Perhaps a little more snow to come our way this weekend? Enjoy the skiing, however it comes your way.


Stand Changes Thanksgiving Weekend

The deer hunt website has been updated with current stand assignments. Any hunters who have not yet hunted or have not yet taken the safety training have had their stands released for others to move into. Those hunters whose stands have been released are still able to hunt but will have to check the website and request a hunting site.

  • Any stand change requests received by NOON on Wednesday, Nov 22 will be responded to before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Any requests after that will not be handled until Monday. Thanks for planning ahead.

The deer harvest is up to 25 for the season. Details, as always, are on the website.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Blaze orange during firearms season

Reminder that it is our rule for hunters to wear some article of blaze orange (hat or vest) during firearms season. Officers have noticed several of our hunters not wearing blaze orange in the last two days. We have firearm hunter neighbors that hunt close to the property line and have a report of one entering our property after a wounded deer.  We want to make sure you are visible and safe.

MN firearms season runs through Sunday, Nov 12 in this region.

Nov. 1 Deer Hunt Update

A friendly reminder to all hunters: neighbor relations are extremely important to us and we have had a few complaints in the last week. Please make sure you are hunting at least 50 yards from the property boundary (per abbey hunt rules). If you see one of our neighbors’ permanent stands near the boundary please do your best to avoid setting up in proximity to them. And you should not be walking across neighbors’ land at any time to access your stands. Thanks for your cooperation.

Available deer hunt districts are updated and posted on the deer hunt website. Review and request stand changes using the links below.

All the best,

John Geissler
Abbey land manager
[email protected]